Extravagant View

Rooms with a view. Picture windows maximize the view in every room of the Olympic Mountain Range. Enjoy sunsets and even spectacular occasional "moon sets". You own the view with nothing to rise up in your landscape except for the lush deciduous vegetation on your own property. You view the lights of Manette, Washington and East Bremerton at night. A peek-a-boo spot gives a glimpse of the passing Seattle to Bremerton ferry. The water and atmosphere also carry the sounds of the ports to the home at the crest. Lie in bed at 8AM and hear the Star Spangled Banner float to your ear from the ship yard. The noon chimes from City Hall, the horns of the boats on a foggy morning, the barking of seals at Manchester can all be heard at opportune times. The panorama of private fireworks are also a fun asset on New Year's Eve and Fourth of July.